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Feline Leukemia Vaccine 
Live Canarypox Vector

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Purevax Felv

Feline Leukemia Vaccine 
Live Canarypox Vector

Feline leukemia is one of the leading causes of death in cats. All it takes to spread this disease is contact with the bodily fluid of an infected animal. Cats that appear to be healthy – but are, in fact, persistently infected – are a major source of FeLV virus1. Your cat or kitten can be put at risk by any of these situations:

  • Social grooming
  • Common litter boxes
  • Shared food and water bowls
  • Bite wounds

The virus is particularly dangerous to young cats.2 Kittens can contract the disease from their mothers while still in the womb, or while nursing.2 That’s one of the reasons why FeLV vaccination is highly recommended for all kittens by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).3


PUREVAX® FeLV is recommended for the vaccination of healthy cats 8 weeks of age and older for the prevention of disease due to feline leukemia virus.